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Slightly worried

Mum has RA and recently fainted with headaches. She still gets the headaches which causes her to feel faint and nearly pass out, usually leaves her with confusion and difficulty getting her words out. Always says she feels a heavy pressure on her head just before it happened. When she was in hospital all the tests her clear thankfully, no signs of stroke or heart attack (even though she had one last year), blood and sugar levels fine (shes diabetic). Do you think the dizzy spells and head pressure is due to the RA? Has anyone else experienced this?

I also don't think shes taking any medication for her RA just yet (as shes on numerous other medications for her heart, liver and asthma and diabetes), do you think if she starts taking the steroids prescribed for RA it might make an improvement. I'm new to all of this so would like your input, are there major side affects to the drugs, should a person with heart disease be taking them and do they actually work? Anything you can tell me or any words of reassurance would be much appreciated.

  1. Your Mum is extremely lucky to have someone like you in her corner! The questions you are asking are very appropriate and important. Is there a way either you or another trusted family member of friend can be with your Mum at her appointments to help ask these questions? She can also give permission for you to speak directly with the doctor's office so you could ask the questions over the phone. Loving support and help at appointments is amazingly helpful. Especially for some of our older people who aren't comfortable interacting with doctors. And don't be shy or embarrassed - bring in a written list of symptoms and questions! Be sure to let them know what you're worried about so they can help you. Any good doctor or nurse wants to help you and your Mum.

    1. thank you J0dspace, yes we usually tend to accompany her to doctors appointments. This morning she got a phone consultation from her GP - who then booked her an appointment for later this week - and didn't seem to have many answers for us at all. I guess as he didn't seem to concerned it should be nothing to worry about, it just would have been nice if he reassured me by letting me know whether it was RA related or something entirely different.

      Anyways I'm continuing to stay as optimistic as I can but even still, its the waiting and the ignorance that is eating away at me slowly....

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