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Why do I have spider veins?

I’m 28, suffering from RA and have noticed that I have spider veins on my legs 🙁 does anyone else suffered from this at all?

  1. Hi abbey28. Sorry to hear about spider veins. Hopefully others will share their experiences. Comorbid conditions, unfortunately, are all too common with RA. This article from our editorial team looks at this issue, including vasculitis: If you haven't already, make sure to bring this to your doctor's attention. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. All over my legs and so bad that my feet are purple.

      1. Wow I wondered if that was from RA as well! I cannot stand very long or the spider veins I feel like they're popping and I feel like I'm getting electrical shocks in my legs if that makes any sense? Does anybody have that? Then when I sit down and look at my legs I'll see the spider veins that basically pop and my feet turn really red and purple. Now I know it's from the RA!! Does anybody have problems with their hands if they have it in their hands? My hands are the worst they swell constantly especially in the morning but the newest thing I've dealt with within the last 6 months was now my hands will slice open on my Knuckles where the crease is and I get all these Cuts all over and it hurts so bad I don't know how or why they're appearing? Then my hands will shrivel up like I am an old lady and my hands will be all wrinkled in my fingers to for a while I can't even grab or touch anything....I don't know when it's going to happen usually about every two weeks or so. The cuts in my Knuckles is where it happens the most. I have lost so much weight I used to weigh 145 now I weigh 113 and I don't even know how to gain weight I have been trying I feel like I look so awful like a skeleton.... I'm waiting to get into a Rheumatologist now my doctor is trying to find me one, they're really hard to find in my area. I live in Ohio. I hope everybody stays strong through their RA attacks!! it's nice to have this site so I don't feel so alone. So thank you everyone for your experiences with ra it's really helping to educate me. Hope everyone has a great day!

        1. Thank you so much I did not see this message until now and I don't see a rheumatologist until the 21st it took months to get in before I first visit even though I was diagnosed five years ago I just thought it was arthritis and pay no mind to it. Thank you for this article I'm going to read it now I have had many new changes and they are very overpoweringly painful and affecting my life sometimes I feel like I can't make it to August 21st which is when my rheumatologist appointment is it's so overpowering,

        2. Your post was ages ago, but you have described perfectly what has happened to me, I had no spider veins despite having had 3 children. I was first put on Methotrexate then later Hydroxychloroquine and Sulfasalazine were added, within 3 to 4 months I noticed my ankles going black( apparently blood pooling in ankles) and spider veins all over my legs, there was always a sharp pain, like being stabbed by a needle prior to the veins appearing in that exact same spot, mentioned this to the RA specialist who basically denied any connection. On my next visit after insisting this is from one of these medications, he took me off Sulfasalazine, my ankles cleared up but unfortunately the spider veins have remained, currently looking into lazer treatment. I believe it isn't the RA causing them, but rather the medication. At the moment my RA is in remission after cutting out all gluten and taking MSM powder everyday.I felt like my health was getting worse after 9 years on these drugs, but slowly started improving after diet changes and MSM.

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