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steroid injection for wrist pain

Just had steroid injections for both wrist pain. I honestly barely felt anything during injections and was told to use cold treatment afterward. I did have discomfort in one wrist for a few hours but continued cold treatments off and on for that time. It seems to be helping and it has been a few days since. One of my wrist aches like if you would have hit it , the other one is strange and unlike anything I felt before. It does not hurt til I move it then it make me go ouch and passes quickly like it is disjointed. I am having improvement and hope continues. Hope for rellief for all Love, elirose

  1. After the few times i have had wrist injections, I would say it sounds close to what happened to me each time. I certainly hope it works out well.

    1. Hi . glad to hear that you are experiencing some improvement. I want to share with you this article from one of our contributors on steroid injections for RA, which may explain a little of the what you experienced post-injection: Your doctor should also be able to help with any questions. Hope the improvements continue. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. rick and richard a big thanks for support and information elirose

        1. Before I started on Humira, and was taking max dose MTX, I was having substantial wrist pain. One doctor suspected carpal tunnel. My rheumatologist, however, suspected tenosynovitis and sent me to my orthopedic surgeons' practice. The surgeon who handled the hand and wrist cases concurred and subsequently performed an outpatient de Quervain's Release. Easiest surgery ever. Pain gone.

          When I went for my checkup he told me that he spent a lot of time in the OR "mopping" me up as I had so much edema in the wrist.

          I was banging away on my computer 24 hours after surgery.....not any pain at all.

          So be sure to learn about this.


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