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Struggling with Brain Fog and Side Effects

At work at the moment, and struggling with brain fog. Any recommendations?

Today is the day after taking methotrexate, I have recently had a bad flare and have up'd my dose of prednisone. I have requested to switch to biologics immediately with my doctor, but he wants to wait till my next appointment, which is a month from now. (I am currently on all three, methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine)

I have tried to explain the extent of my symptoms to my doctor but I am not very assertive. Help!

  1. I am about to start injections I’ve had active markers for years only now am I getting them I actually changed consultant and on first visit he has started them I know it’s not the answer always but I asked and they said ok see another one so glad I did I hope you get this sorted soon 7 years active ra for me x

    1. Hi there, I was reading about your brain fog and how you are on methotrexate and wanted to warn you about that medication. I took it for 6 yrs, 2011 to August 2017. In June of 2017 I started to become very tired. Went to doctors who just thought it was my leaky valve . Then on August 21 2017 I got a sore throat and ear ache so I went to urgent care which is where I found out that I was in kidney failure. I spent 2 wks in the hospital very sick as I had to have kidney dylalis and blood transfusion along with a kidney biopsy to only find out that the methotrexate shut my kidneys down, ate away at my esophagus leaving my my throat , mouth and esophagus ate away having the skin in my mouth and throat almost gone like a canker sore which destroyed my taste buds. I could not eat or drink as it was very painful. I would like anyone on this awful drug to get off of it and if need be go to and research methotrexate to see the side effects and deaths from it.
      My kidney was at 6 % but thank goodness I recovered only because I caught it in time and my kidneys are back to a 68% which is ok. I am still recovering and decided not to take drugs for my RA and go the natural way.. be careful, be aware and take care of yourself

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