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Anyone else have Type 2 Diabetes and RA?

I stopped taking Methotrexate because my Type 2 Diabetes readings were so high.
I told Dr's and they did not say anything except change my Diabetes meds, so I took myself off the methotrexate. I am trying to just tolerate the pain with Tumeric & Aleve. I am 73 and still working 8 hrs a day.
Diabetes numbers still go high because of pain.
Anyone experience same?

  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling with the comorbidities gma13. Hopefully some others will chime in with some information and their experiences. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. There are certainly other treatments, besides methotrexate, that may not effect your diabetes. Your doctor should be able to work with you on this. If you feel you are not being heard, please know that you are always entitled to a second opinion. Also, don't know if you are aware that we have a sister-site for Type 2 Diabetes at Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Hi, I have T1 43 years and RA (17 years).

      1. I have diabetes & RA. I take plaquenil. So far, it seems to help with the inflammation but the side effects concern me. I have to get my eyes checked every year and have blood tests done periodically for both diseases. I do notice that glucose readings do seem to increase when there is more pain. I get leg cramps, nerve pain and am always fatigued. It seems like I can’t even walk normally and lose my balance. The combination of the two diseases is pretty depressing at times. I mainly take Alene and use heat & massage to ease the pain. The pain is mostly in my fingers, toes, ankles, hips & back. I see a Rheumatologist as well as a Pain Management Center. Shots make my glucose numbers rise and help a little bit but it doesn’t last that long. Everyday is a challenge so I can understand the concern.

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