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What is the best way to take Methotrexate?

What is the best way to take methotrexate?

  1. Hi Mffriend. Methotrexate is one of the most prevalently used medications for RA and many are successful with both the oral and the injectable form. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. I can share with you this article from our contributor Monica on her experience with methotrexate: She did better with the injection. Others do fine with the oral form and prefer the ease of use. Your doctor should be able to provide further information on the pros and cons of each. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. I did better with the injectable form of MTX when I was taking higher [20mg] doses. But when I went on Humira and my MTX was cut to 7.5 mg a week, I went back to the pills.

      1. I learned that discussing Folic Acid supplements with your doctor is very important when on MTX for control of side effects. And that there is a wide range of dosages for both MTX and Folic Acid. I am glad to hear from others that they tolerated injectable after not tolerating oral very well. I didn't tolerate oral methotrexate as the dose went up. It has been suggested that I may try it again with my newest biologic at a lower injected dose. And that we be more aggressive with the Folic Acid dosing. With hope and best wishes, Jo (moderator)

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