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Tendons, muscles and arthritis

Are you more likely to suffer tendon injury, muscle strains, etc. with arthritis? Is osteo or rheumatoid more likely to cause issues with other connective tissue stuff like that?

I used to be very active. Working out 6 days a week, lifting weights (pretty heavy weights, too), cardio kickboxing, running. You name it. I lugged around heavy band equipment like the big guys, no problem.

In the last year since all this joint pain and weirdness has ramped up,I am scared to do anything. I feel so frail now. Anything I do seems to cause an issue. Any little thing will set off a lower back or neck strain, etc. I lifted a couple of boxes today (not heavy, used good form) and my back is jacked up. I carried some Walmart bags and now the elbow joints and tendons in that arm hurt again. I already have hip bursitis, so I have to be careful with that, too.

Still don't know what I have, arthritis wise, for sure. And this is a fairly new thing for me......trying to figure out what it all means.

  1. Hi mamadee. Unfortunately, RA can absolutely affect connective tissues. This article from one of our contributors examines, in detail, how RA attacks the connective tissues: Also, general joint stiffness and pain are two of the most common RA symptoms. This article offers more information: Hopefully, your doctor will be providing you some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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