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What Tips Would You Give a Friend Living with RA? 

Everyone here knows what it means to live with a rheumatic condition. If you just learned your friend has RA – newly diagnosed OR living with it for years – what would you say? Would you offer any tips? How would you support them?

Share below so we can let our larger community know what someone living with RA needs from friends.

  1. 1. Focus on your passion in distracts from pain.
    2. Don't be a hero.....if you hurt, it's ok to say so.
    3. Stop being the place where people come for holidays [which means you do all the cooking, cleaning, decorating]. Give THEM the gift of ownership. Let them do it at THEIR house and YOU be the guest.
    4. Remember that YOU are paying your doctor to provide a service. So make a list of questions and make sure you leave with answers.

    Lots more to add....but others should chime in. 😀

    1. I'm so glad you spoke up and expressed what you needed Andrea! Goodness, hosting a holiday is seriously SO much work. I sure do hope you get to do more enjoying and less stressing on those holidays! Sending lots of love your way! 💜 Kayleigh, team member

    2. This is great please share more. Being strong with the Doctors is very important

  2. Be fully aware of the effects of RA on your whole body before dismissing drug treatments over their potential side effects.

    1. So true. I'm always amazed when people decide MTX isn't for them. When I was on high dose MTX it meant one day a week I'd be a little nauseous. I was fine the other 6 days - joint pain greatly diminished. Do the math.

  3. Make sure you listen to your body and have rest periods.

    1. Absolutely! That can be difficult, mentally, because our society is a go-go-go oriented culture. But you're right, giving ourselves permission to just rest when needed is so huge. Reggie, Team Member

  4. Just diagnosed. Well, really, there's only one thing I'd repeat over and over and that's "it's going to be OK, I promise."

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