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Training for a big event

Is there anyone else out there who is doing well with meds and exercise? I'm very grateful to be in "remission" now for 5 years (after 25 long painful years with many failed treatments). I'm currently training for a long-distance cycling event. I have no idea how far I'll be able to go and how much I can push myself but if I don't do this now, I might not have another chance because I can't take remission for granted. I still have some pain from permanently damaged joints and fatigue which makes this a challenge. But I've lost so many years to RA and just want to do something "epic" once in my life.

  1. , what an exciting adventure you're going on! I'm sure it will be quite a challenge, but it sounds especially mentally rewarding. I'm interested to see if we'll hear from others. You remind me of this article from Angela, about a cycling goal she had a couple of years ago: I hope you'll keep checking back on progress! - Nina, Team

    1. Best of luck. Great that you are attempting to do it. You will be so pleased you did. I walk every day, my knee put an end to riding. But i won't sell my bike as just seeing it in the shed has possibilities and hope!

      1. Thanks Jane!! I'm so very grateful that I've been able to ride a bike these past few years. I think that's why I'm pushing myself to do a big event - because I know with RA, things can change so fast. I've had to give up so many things in my life. This will be a really long distance for me. I'm training hard for this. I hope to make it to the finish line, but will be happy to go as far as I possibly can, and will give thanks for this amazing journey.

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