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What travel precautions should I take?

Travel overseas with low WBC and ANC w/Enbrel?

I am supposed to travel to Europe in 6 days and my blood work came back abnormal. WBC- 2.1 and ANC-0.65? Is it safe...what precautions should I take? Thank you so much!!!

  1. Thanks for reaching out, kpbol2! We cannot give you medical advice (for your safety). This is a great question for your doctor as blood values mean something different for everyone, based on their medical history, current conditions, etc.

    I stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle on flight and I also wear a face mask.

    Please let us know what your doctor advises! ~Monica ( Team)

    1. These precautions work for me personally during times of normal bloodwork.

      Sorry, my comment fired before I finished it! ~Monica

      1. Hi kpbol1. In addition to the great advice from Monica (if you are concerned about a low white blood cell count, only a doctor can advise on how to proceed), thought you might be interested in this article from one of our contributors on traveling with refrigerated medications: On a personal note, I can tell you I have traveled to Europe with my wife, who has RA and took Enbrel at the time, and at every step of travel people were accommodating. Best, Richard ( Team)

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