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If you carry an EpiPen because of some adverse reactions, like anaphylaxis or anaphylactic Shock or other adverse reactions to some drugs, how can i think of changing my treatment if methotrexate stops working for me.
My rheumatologist is going to come up with some other drug along side methotrexate or come off methotrexate altogether and put me on the next stage.
Even though i have an EpiPen now, i really don't want to have to use it.

  1. Hi . As someone who has some severe allergies and has an EpiPen, I understand the concern when it comes to trying new medications. I have also seen that tests for allergies to biologics are lacking. Have you had a chance to raise your concerns with your doctor? If the suggestion would be for an at home treatment, maybe you could arrange to have the first dosage in the doctor's office. I know the first time my wife, Kelly, had a biologic it was done in the office. Hopefully others may have some additional thoughts. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. This is a really great question! My daughter has an EpiPen and she hates that it has to follow her everywhere. When we have to consider other medications for her it is something we do have to consider has she is very high risk to allergic reactions. I hope others can chime in and offer some insight as to what they have done in this instinct. I hope you find a solution soon! All the best, Latoya (Team Member)

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