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Anyone else unable to take Plaquenil and Methotrexate?

I could not take Plaqunil or Methotrexate. Down to 7 mg. Prednisone now. Anyone else have this problem? What can I take now ?

Have had colon cancer and have spots on liver, non cancerous. All ideas and advice welcome.

  1. I am taking Xeljanx. XR. Along with methotrexate. My insurance covers the whole cost of my Xeljanz ..finally . It has proven to put my R.A. into remission for almost 3 years now. Methotexate also boosts the remission. My previos Rheumatologisy talked me out of Xeljanx several times when i pleaded w her. She told me it wasnt a good medicine. I believe it was still being pondered by FDA then...or idk why she refused me this option. She since retired a year ago but i seeked a new rheumstologist 3 years ago. I ask for Xeljanz and he gave me the necessary paper work to have Pdizer pharmacuticuls send me my Xeljanz at no cost to me. Pfizer sent me actual Xeljsnz directly to my address for almost 2 .5 years. 😀. Ask your Dr. And be persistent w it.

    1. Hi 208bf9a. Thanks for writing and passing on your experience. It's always great to see community members trying to help each other out. Glad the treatment regimen is so effective for you. For anyone interested, this article from our editorial team gives an overview of Xeljanz: Best, Richard ( Team)

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