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Trying Turmeric for relief of joint inflammation. Has anyone tried it and what did you think?

  1. Thanks pkh57 for reaching out to us!
    While the community may have tried tumeric and can chime in with personal experiences, here is an article that I thought would resonate:

    Additionally we like to keep in mind that different treatments work differently for everyone and I hope that the communitty can provide you with support or feedback in any way.

    We are glad to have you here.
    Best Wishes to you,
    Lauren ( Team Member)

    1. I have been using turmeric for just one month now on the recamondation of my rheumatologist because I get a bit of aches & pains from my workouts. I do not like taking any more pills than I already do. Now my RA is not as severe as many other people that visit this forum, but I do feel the turmeric may be helping for me a bit. Only needed Advil one day in the last month that I can remember.
      Taking (1) - 500 mg capsule (2) times a day.

      1. Thanks for sharing your insight, Eebtool! I am glad turmeric has helped you feel better! Best, Erin, Team Member.

        1. I read a study that said that it was as effective as an OTC pain reliever. However, what is very important to note is that the herb is "hard to absorb." Thus, brand is important. I use CurcuminRich brand. It is the #1 absorbed form of curcumin.

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