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Has anyone used a hand brace to stop hand drifting?

  1. Hi RAsince1996. Sorry if you are having issues with ulnar or hand drift. It is a condition mostly associated with RA. I can't speak directly to the use of hand splints, but I can say that splints, along with therapy, are thought to potentially slow progression. This article goes into more detail on the condition an treatment: Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Hello !
      Thank you for reaching out to the community with your great question. My fellow team member Richard provided a great article on ulnar or hand drift to you.
      I am providing an informative article from our website which addresses someone who has used a hand splint and her thoughts on effectiveness.It is a great article discussing RA and hand issues.
      I personally have not used a hand splint or hand brace. I have an Occupational Therapy educational background and have worked closely with hands, braces, and splinting. I have custom made splints for hands. This was all under the direction of a physician. I can only comment from my experience, and I have seen good outcomes from those who wear properly fitted and physician prescribed splints. I can in no way recommend that a hand splint or brace would be appropriate for your specific situation, I am not a physician.

      In reference to your question if you are experiencing hand drifting/or ulnar deviation effecting your joints, using a physician prescribed splint can preserve your hand joints, decrease pain, and help prevent against further deformity.
      If you have not already, please reach out to your physician for consultation if you would be a candidate for a "hand drifting splint". The physician would be able to examine, order the appropriate tests, and refer you to a hand therapist (if appropriate). There are many hand conditions and deformities that can occur as a result of RA, besides Ulnar deviation or hand drifting. Always best to figure out what and where exactly the hand joints are being effected. Best of luck to you.

      Thank you again for reaching out. You are part of our family and we would love to hear back from you if you have other questions, concerns, or honestly even an update on how you are feeling.
      Just keep swimming,
      Lynn Marie ( Team)

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