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Has anyone else had the Vectra DA test?

Has anyone else had this test? I scored low on it, even with a high RA factor and an anti ccp of 175. Did you feel it was accurate?

  1. Hi ShelleyD! I know that at least a few of our members have had the Vectra DA test done. Here are just two stories from our community members -- and For most members, it seems to be a fairly accurate test. However, it is only one of many tests used to reach a diagnosis of RA. If other tests are showing disease activity, then I wouldn't be concerned about the Vectra DA test. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi ShelleyD. Hopefully others in the community who have taken the Vectra DA test will chime in. In this article from one of our contributors she relates her experience with it: Best, Richard ( Team).

      1. Shelley,
        The Vectra DA test was the ONLY test that showed I had RA. It has been very accurate for me. Did you have it after you started medication? That may have affected your results. Your rheumatologist may choose to use your other tests as your markers. As my symptoms improved, my Vectra DA results improved as well.


        1. I am “seronegative” according to my RF factor results/doctor. The Vectra test has been a most accurate measurement of the inflammation, it puts you into categories of disease activity like mild to moderate or moderate to severe for example. Sometimes I will know by the way my joints etc feel that I’m flaring or not responding to RA meds and regular inflammation blood tests don’t show how bad I really feel, but the Vectra always reflects it , in 4 years since being diagnosed I’ve not made it below the moderate to severe grouping. On the downside some insurance companies won’t pay anything for it.

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