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Vectra Score suddenly higher

I had lab work last week and my Vectra score went from 13 the last visit to 45. Has anyone experienced this? I recently retired and I am much more physically active. I wonder if that is what did this??
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  1. Hi , It sounds great that you are able to be more physically active. Usually that's a very good thing. I don't know for sure if physical activity would increase levels of inflammation. Hopefully someone else might have more experience with this. Best, Lisa, RA Team Member

    1. this may give you a place to start to answer the question. I say start because the answer is not clear cut. According to British Medical Journalw article these are the factors impacting the Vectra score. Unfortunately, this is not clear cut. It is instead a list of inflammation markers. there is not one that says work. But it might be a starting point.


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