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I hate RA. One minute your be-bopping along and then you feel the pain😔.Then before you know it BAM!! You're on some emotional roller-coaster 😭that can't be explained!!! Yeah that was my day today!! Praying that tomorrow will be better!

  1. , I know so many of our community members can relate to what you wrote! I am sorry RA is taking you on an unpleasant roller coaster ride! I hope today has been a better day for you. Gentle Hugs, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Please tell us which rheumatoid condition you have and what drugs you're taking for it.

      1. I have seropositive rheumatoid in multiple sites. I am currently on Humira, Leflunomide, Prednisone and protonix. My diagnosis is relatively new, less than 2 years. @

        1. Thanks for the info. It helps to understand the big picture. I, too, am on Humira; add to that MTX and a bunch of other non-RA drugs.
          I think Pred is a wonder drug. Before I went on Humira [about 15 years ago], and the MTX by itself wasn't working well, I was getting corticosteroid shots in many of my major joints. It was a godsend. However, FOR ME, Pred pills make me rebound when I get off them. [I've had to go on the Pred pills for COPD bronchitis flares.]
          Pred is not meant as a long term solution. It's to get you over the hump. So hopefully you will start to wean off the Pred. You might find those up's and down's will go away when you do.

      2. I am only on 5mg a day unless I have a flare

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