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What vitamins and how many are you taking daily? Do you noticea difference?

  1. Hi Elisa,
    I take vitamin D (2000 IU daily) since this vitamin has been shown linked to RA. I also live in the Pacific Northwest where direct sunlight is at a premium and natural production of vit D is lower than in other populations. I also take fish oil (1,200 mg daily) but that is mostly for lipids as I have a history of high LDL and low LDL cholesterol.
    You can read more about this at this site:

    1. Hi Elisa -
      I agree with Andrew that fish oil is great as Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to naturally decrease inflammation. And I figure if there is something natural that can help it can't hurt to try it!! However, that being said, if you plan to take any sort of vitamin you should speak to your doctor about it first as some vitamins can interact with certain RA treatments. So it's a good idea to make sure your doctor is on board first!

      1. Interesting story to me as I have been researching different ways of eating to help lower inflammation. What I have found is, if I cut out all processed and refined items out of my diet, I decrease the amount of pain dramatically! I found paleo works great for me! I did this way of eating for six weeks, and then went on vacation, where I ate recklessly (yummy)! But, upon doing so, the pain and inflammation came back FULL FORCE!!
        In first implementing this into my life, I didnt think it was changing much, until I went off of it for a week! Damn! Big difference! Now, I look at that m&m and think to myself, "is this going to be worth the pain?" "Is this going to be worth having to take more medication?" So, the m&m addict in me pushes it away and will make something sweetened with honey or bananas! (banana nut muffins, yummy!!)
        Paleo, organic, glutten free, this works for me! This works for me!!! Hope it helps anyone else trying to manage their pain! ~♡♡♡

        1. I've carefully tried all the "free" diets...paleo, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc. and none of them made a difference in how RA impacted me. Unfortunately this is the case for many. But glad you're finding success.

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