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I am looking for YouTube blogs that focus on RA. I have been watching some beauty "vloggers" now that I'm almost 50 so that I can improve my skincare and it dawned on me how much it would help me to see an RA vlogger with whom I might have some similarities. Does anyone know of any?

  1. Wendy,
    Have you gone over to the on Facebook? There are many RA friends who visit often, maybe you will find inspiration there.
    Good luck, Ed

    1. Hi Wendy,

      We do have contributors who are doing videos for the site. My wife, Kelly Mack, has done some, including a couple with me. You can do a search on video on the home page to see a list of what has been posted to this point. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. I've also hit Youtube for vlogs and info. If you search, "My RA story", many results will come up. I followed "Healing Josefine" vlog for a while because she had tried many different types of diets and alternative treatment options. I will also listen to Paddison Program podcasts to listen to personal stories as well. Take care and be well!

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