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Voice Loss

I was diagnosed with arthritis three years ago and a year ago I began to lose my voice. My rheumatologist does not believe this is to do with my arthritis whereas the ENT specialist feels it is a flareup in my vocal chords. I have had three shots of steroids into my vocal chords, each at six weeks apart, and I still have not fully recovered my voice. I was curious to learn if anyone else has experienced this? If so, what did you use to treat it?

  1. HI ChelcyD! I am so sorry you are dealing with voice loss. Unfortunately, this isn't a totally unusual symptom in the RA community.

    One of our contributors discusses her experience with vocal issues here -- The member comments following the article testify to the fact that quite a few of our community members have dealt with this issue.

    Here is a snippet of information from our site about RA inflammation and how it can affect the voice -- "Learn more neck & cervical pain
    Cricoarytenoid joint. The cricoarytenoid joint (also called the larynx joint) is a joint located near the windpipe. About one-third of patients with RA experience inflammation of this joint, resulting in difficulty breathing and hoarseness of the voice."

    I do hope you hear from some of our members that can offer some insight as well.

    Thanks for reaching out and good luck getting your voice back!

    Best, Erin, Team member.

    1. Thank you for the article. I will discuss with my ENT whether to do another shot of steroids or ?? As well, I am beginning another type of RA medication tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will get my flare ups under control and get my voice back.

      1. I used to sing and now i can't
        Have been with this hoarness for about 2 months now.

        1. I too was diagnosed little over a year ago. I am on Methotexate Folic acid too. I get hourse everyday, wonder if it's the med. I am losing my hair big problem is my mouth side cheeks pretty hurts most of the week. Getting very discouraged. Rt hand gives me a lot of trouble trigger middle and ring fingers on each hand . But mostly right. Had both hands at same time operated on for carpal tunnel last Jan. Check up is on 14th of Oct I keep thinking going to lose use of right hand can't close it anymore . I was a golfer .

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