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Whats the best foods to eat with RA?

I've been searching online for information on which foods to eat, I'm finding a mixed review. I have been advised to not eat chicken, has anybody else been told this? I stick to a healthy diet at the moment eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and a lot less meat consumption. I also take a natural supplement called arthrinox which I buy from gold health products which seems to be working for me. Has anybody else tried this supplement? maybe worth a look.. I was barely able to sleep 4 months ago. My knees and joints felt like they were giving up and I was unable to sleep from the pain. Since starting this new healthy diet and taking this supplement, things have began to get better. I'm just intrigued what other people recommend food wise as i'm open to change if other people have good recommendations?

  1. Hi Helen ~

    Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support that any particular diet will necessarily help with the symptoms of RA. There is, however, lots of anecdotal evidence that people have found success with various diets - so if you can find one that works for you that is fantastic! Just make sure that whenever you are starting a new diet or taking a new supplement that you clear it with your rheumatologist first so you can make sure it won't interfere with any other treatments.

    Best of luck to you!

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

    1. He there - I was diagnosed 36 years ago with RA and there isn't much from a medication and nutrition standpoint that I haven't tried. At one point I even took shark cartilage capsules - YUCK! - with that said, various supplements were always an option for me to try as long as they were considered "reasonably" safe. I've been pretty desperate at times in my search for the Holy Grail of cures...

      Although there are no proven "diets" from a scientific approach, I personally have had enormous success with clean eating. Even with the extensive damage my joints have suffered, eating clean reduces inflamation signicantly and reduces my daily pain level.

      I realize that eating a diet that eliminates much of our traditional American diet is difficult - it has been the best option for me. I consider my fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats medication for my body. I also avoid, dairy, gluten, red meats and sugar.

      You are not alone in your search for another option to help.
      Good luck and healthy eating!


      1. I was diagnosed with RA last week and have since been doing a lot of research. I spent 30 years as a nurse and 25 of that in home care so I have seen a lot of the effects of this condition. As of today, I am starting the diet for type A blood types. That is basically vegan with wild caught fish and gluten free. I have been vegan in the past so that path is very familiar to me, I just have to brace myself to give up dairy. Gluten free is a lot more difficult. My blood work was done by my allergist and I now have an appt with a rheumatalogist but have not been there yet and won't be going for another six weeks. My pcp gave me Celebrex, but I have decided not to start any medications until I see the results of the diet modifications. I already do limited yoga for arthritis, so that is helpful. My husband has psoriatic arthritis so hopefully I can get him to try the gluten free diet with me.


        1. Dreamon415,
          Thank you for contributing to our forum.
          We are sorry to hear about your recent diagnoses.
          Many community members have found diet changes to be quite helpful in mitigating symptoms associated with RA.
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          Good luck with your new diet modifications. Please keep us posted on how you feel!
          Jillian ( Team)

      2. By the way, I would check out the nutrition information regarding RA in the Oxford University Journals. There is some interesting stuff there.

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