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Why I found the need for providers and health care personal to better understand RA

I found that my primary doctor was compassionate but didn't fully understand RA. I was wearing my wrist support and he made a remark to me wearing them. I wish I remember what exactly was said but it was clear that he thought the medication usually take care of the pain. RA is so new to me. So far as soon as one joint feels better , it goes to a new location. Every day , I am reminded by fatigue and pain, I still have RA.
I had gone to see him to touch bases and that I had to increase my heart medication that I take because of heart rate and high blood pressure. I have been having more episodes of racing heart and skip beats and my bottom number of blood had increase to over ninety. I had a prn to take extra pill if needed if racing heart. I know with RA , there is a higher incidence of heart attacks and stroke s. My brother before he was seventy was seventy had dementia. Strokes are sooo terrible. I am so thankful there is an awareness month. I have gone to different doctors and my blood pressure was high but never commented on or addressed. I think it was over 150/ 9x. Not terribly high but family history of heart problems.
I am grateful that I was informed of increase rate of heart attacks and strokes. It was this knowledge that I advocated for myself.
Thank you all . It has been a life saver in more ways than one. Love, elirose

  1. Hi, ! I am sorry that your primary care physician isn't more informed about RA. I am glad you have taken matters into your own hands and are doing what you can to educated yourself and others about RA. And I am glad that you are advocating for your health! I am kind of surprised that your family history of cardiac issues and high blood pressure weren't taken more seriously. I always say that no one knows your body like you do and while we may need the expertise of a physician to properly treat our health issues, no one will know what's going on within like you do!

    Thanks for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I absolutely agree. With RA [or any other disease] you must become your own advocate.
      The years of training required for the specialists is significant. You can't expect a GP to know what your rheumatologist knows or to have the same level of patients with RA in the practice.
      I've found my endocrinologist needed to be educated in RA. My pulmonologist had some knowledge of RA but not much.
      I can't tell you how many times I've had to remind them.........
      And that's exactly why you must become your own advocate.

  2. Thank you , Erin. You motivated me to get moving forward today in a positive way. Love, elirose

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