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Wondering about RA

I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but more recently I have had a lump come up on my ankle. The GP said it's achillies tendonitis, and I've had a scan which confirmed this. My aches and pains, tenderness and tiredness have al increased over the last few months and I'm concerned. I used Dr Google before the scan and ended up seeing a diagram of a rheumatoid nodule on an ankle, exactly where my lumps are. Im wondering about ordering a crp test. Does this sound like it could be rheumatoid arthritis?

  1. No one here can actually answer this for you. We are not doctors, and as such, we are not allowed to comment on diagnosis questions (actually, you do not want me to comment I got my medical degree in a crackerjack box). Your question actually requires the services of a rheumatologist to make a correct diagnosis of RA or other rheumatologic illness. I hope you will make an appointment with a rheumatologist to discuss the matter.


    1. As Rick wrote, we're not MD's and can't diagnose. Given there are [last I heard] well over 100 forms of arthritis, a board certified rheumatologist is the best type of doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Though your GP may be very good on general medicine, a GP just doesn't have the level of education or experience as a rheumatologist. Strongly suggest you find one and make an appointment so that the appropriate tests can be ordered.
      A CRP test is not definitive for RA.

      1. I forgot to add that in my experience on forums, Fibromyalgia is the most over-diagnosed condition in medicine. It seems to be the "go to" diagnosis when the workup is not comprehensive or when no apparent reason for the pain is evident. It bears looking into by a rheumatologist because it just might be something other than fibromyalgia. Again, I'm not a doctor. But I do know that arthritic diseases deserve treatment by an expert in the field.

      2. To follow-up on 's comment, for those interested in learning a little more about fibromyalgia - here is information as well: ( - Reggie, Team Member

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