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Can be my wrist be broken by bending by force?

This may be weird question but I mean this: When my wrist is so painful that I can't bend my wrist any way (up, down or sides), can my wrist get broken by, for example, falling on the ground and bending it by that? Or if someone like bend it by force? Will it get broke? I'm just pretty scared and worried about this. Thank you for your answer.

  1. Hi Deamin. Your concerns about the fragility of frozen joints is completely understandable. The short answer about falls is that, of course, anyone is susceptible to bone breaks from falls, but those with RA may be more susceptible to both falls and breaks. This article from one of our contributors looks at the dangers of falls: Whether your wrist is more susceptible depends on a lot of factors related to damage levels and only a doctor can really asses the risk. This article from our editorial team looks at RA and wrist issues: On top of your expressed concerns, another area you may want to speak with your doctor about is dealing with the wrist issues. Hoping you get some relief soon. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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