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Does anyone experience burning in their wrists and fingertips?

I have been diagnosed with RA, but also cervical herniated disc. Just wondering if anyone without the neck issue also has burning in wrists and fingertips. Dr is talking about surgery to help with this, but wondering if RA causes it as well.

  1. Yes I do

    1. Thank you for responding. Do you have any ideas on how to manage the burning? I've tried everything that I know of to do.

      1. Hi ,

        Is the burning you're feeling accompanied by inflammation in any capacity? I might describe the feeling of a flare-up as a burning sensation.

        Franki (RheumatoidArthritis.netTeam)

        1. Thanks for responding. I do feel a little stiffer with it at times, but not always. My inflammation is not a visible as most, but it does get warm/hot in both wrists and fingers. It's confusing, because I know this can happen with neck issues too. Just don't want to have a surgery and still have the issues. I start Embrel tomorrow, so hopefully that will give some relief.

      2. Have you asked your Rheumy about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)?

        1. Sorry, I didn't see this message.

          Yes, during the day the pain would be less. In the evening and night, it was the worse. I used to lie down with my hand in a ice bucket 3/4 full of ice and water. That would get rid of the pain for 1 1/2 hours.

          I did end up getting surgery for it. My Mom, Dad and younger brother had CTS in both wrists and hands.

        2. Hey Rick:

          I haven't been around for a while. Here is a link about CTS related to RA:

          I Hope you are doing okay considering the Covid and the world going crazy. Take Care!

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