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Is anyone one Xelijanx. and if so how is it working for you? I got it prescribed, but I’m not ready to take it and I’ve been in pain lately.

  1. I'm on it. I have been on it and 25 ml injectable methotrexate for 2 1/2 years. It is the best med combination for me so far. I love that it is just pills and not an injectable or an IV. It makes them very portable. It also treats my RA without dropping my white count too low. So far, other than the retail price, I have nothing bad to say about this med.

    What is your concern with starting this med? Is this your first biologic.? I was in pain and on narcotics before this. It took about 3 months to feel the full effect.

    Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you. Everybody doesn't have the same experience, so I can't say you will have the same success, but the best treatment for oain is to control the disease.

    1. Hi!,

      That's good, I was on pill version of methotrexate, but I got really sick from it so I tried other meds. So now, I was put on Xeljianx but I haven't taken it yet due to not having the TB test done. I am just afraid of the side effects.

      1. As far as the methotrexate making you sick to your stomach, did you take 1 mg folic acid at the same time? Also, did you try splitting the dose taking 1/2 in the am & the remainder 12 hours later in the pm of the same day? Did you take it on an empty stomach or with food?
        I ask b/c I read those things can make the difference with not getting sick to your stomach. Here's a link:

        You say you tried & failed Mtx. May I ask why that failed? Side effects or just didn't work for you?

        I am asking these questions b/c I am due to begin taking methotrexate & folic acid.

    2. Why did they not switch you to the injectable version of MTX? It absorbs better which makes it work better and I don't get sick on it like I did with the pills. It is odd they gave up on it so soon unless you declined the injectable. I had to go off MTX for a few months and the Xeljanz alone did not work for me.

      What side effects specifically worry you? I don't remember reading anything very scary, but then after my last biologic, which listed instant brain death as a side effect, I'm fairly unflappable now.

      1. They did offer me the injection but I couldn’t keep up with as it was also making me sick and I didn’t have it in me to object myself all the time. I’m afraid of all the side effects it comes with. Like I work on an environment where I’m around people all the time and I don’t like how it will surpress my immune system therefore making more able to get sick. 😣

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