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Xeljanz or similar

I would be interested in knowing how many RA patients who are not below income level, have succeeded in getting assistance from their rheumatologist to obtain one of the drugs similar to Xeljanz? I have been on methotrexate (which put me in Critical Care for 9 days), Plaquinil, Leflunomide, Sulfasalazine. I now have totally kinky hair and an RA nodule. Is anything working I am wondering?

  1. I got it through a program called XelSource. Pfizer runs the program. They took down my insurance information and wanted copies of my tax forms, and then got a list of all my meds to see how much I was spending on scripts. I qualified and I am not low income.

    1. This new you have insurance? Is this one of the qualifications? I ask because I had to stop xeljanz most recently due to a divorce/ list of insurance

    2. I do have insurance, but I don't know that it is a requirement to use this program. 1-844-493-5526. Call and ask. If this is the reorder line, ask them how to sign up. They will help you if they can. Pfizer has been very good about helping me and several other people.

      Hope this works for you.

  2. Currently put on zeljanz. What kind of monthly cost is it with disability insurance. Any ideas out there? My samples are fixing to run out.

    1. Hi feelbetter1. I am not sure how Xeljanz is handled on disability insurance, but we do have this article from one of our contributors on finding help to afford RA medications: It offers information on different programs that may be useful. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

  3. I ve been on Humira for 2 yrs n now has stopping working😭 I have now been in Xeljanz 11mg for almost a month and it is not working to good I don’t know what’s next 🙏🏻

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