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Yet another syndrome or disease related to RA...

It's painful to use my hands now, even more than usual. My fingers get tingly and numb. I went to an orthopedic doctor to see if my shoulder pain could cause this. After examining me, he determined I do have a possible tear in my shoulder, but I also have carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain has been so intense, I'm basically typing this like a turtle. So far, since being diagnosed with seropositive RA, I have been diagnosed with non-smoker's COPD, spinal stenosis, achilles tendonitis, and now Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I will continue to read, but must rest my hands. I will send short messages until I find out what can be done about this situation with yet more pain. Wishing all of you days with no flare-ups! Donna

  1. Thanks Donna/wannabe-healthy for sharing this with us. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I know you are always posting in our forums and commenting on our articles, so this much be challenging news for you. Have you spoken to your Rheumatologist about another treatment plan for the pain? No need to write or comment back especially since you are in pain, it might be worth a call (if you haven't already done so)
    For now I hope this article helps with the pain and stiffness in your hands.
    I also hope that others in the community can offer you some support too.
    We are glad to have you here Donna!
    As always reach out anytime.
    Best, Lauren ( Team)

    1. Donna, so sorry to hear of your difficulties! My hands and wrists are bad too. I've found that wearing the supportive arthritis gloves help me a lot. I can get them at Walgreens for about $15-20. You can probably find some on Amazon. Another thing I've found is soaking in hot water or even better, hot paraffin wax. I can go to my nearest nail salon for about $5 and soak my hands for about 10-15 min. The heat soaks deeply in and it also makes my hands soft! I've looked into having one for home-use but we're in the middle of selling house and moving so I need to wait.
      A close friend of mine is recovering from having his second hand operated on for carpal tunnel. His hands would go numb. He says the improvement is amazing! I don't know if surgery is an option for you but it had really helped him!
      One last suggestion, is that there are apps out there (for computer or phone or tablet) that will transcribe what you say. It may not be 100% accurate but fixing a few errors is much easier than typing the whole thing!
      Hope you find relief soon and gentle hugs!

      1. Lauren and Dalia, Thank you both for your replies. I will read the article and try your suggestions. I'm doing the best I can, as I know we all are. Hope you are enjoying these summer days and are having few problems with pain at this time. I love kind people, it helps a lot.

        1. Hi Donna. What meds are you on to deal with the RA? I can't tell if this is RA or really is all this other stuff. My mom's docs had her in braces and contraptions, but we discovered it was just disease progression. That may not be the case with you. Hope they find something quick!

          1. Hi Richard and KT,
            Thanks for your comments. I plan to read the articles you suggested soon. Most all of the information I've read on this site has been very informative.
            KT, right now I'm on Orencia injections (once weekly), Arava twice a day, and Plaquenil. I seem to be on Orencia for 1 or 2 months, and end up with an infection of some sort so I stop taking it while I'm on an antibiotic. So far I've been on Orencia pretty consistently, and it is helpful. I stayed very sick while taking Remicaid infusions, and also when I was on Enbrel. Had to come off Methotrexate due to a rise in my liver enzymes. I am on many other meds for various things. I've tried to come off some of them, only to realize I must stay on them. I never had to take medicine until I was in my 40s, and now I feel I can't function without them. Over the past close to 20 years, I've learned to know when my pain is coming from Fibromyalgia, or RA. Seems I have the most fatigue when my RA is active, as it is right now. I end up with many nodules under the skin and the pain sometimes feels as though I'm being hit with a hammer. Fibro pain is more of an achiness. I sometimes have to turn my pajamas inside out because I am ultra sensitive. I also feel I become tired a lot more easily when I'm in an RA flare. It is a cruel disease that I will have to accept (can you believe after all this time I have not accepted it??!!). But I am trying to take better care of myself. I also pretend I feel OK for the benefit of my grandkids. Even when they are here, I find I must lie down and leave them with my husband, and he is so good about it.
            Well, it is my bedtime. Thanks for your interest. I find so many people don't ask anything, because they don't know what to ask. I am trying to roll with the ups and downs. Take care and thanks again.

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