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Gizmos, Gadgets, and More!

Recently, I have seen several articles reviewing gizmos and gadgets that help people with rheumatoid arthritis. A couple of these articles have been written by folks with rheumatoid arthritis, but most are not.

Tips for finding helpful gadgets

What do you look for in a gizmo or gadget? I look for specific things:

  1. What do I want/need it to do?
  2. Is it easy to use, or do I need a neuroscience degree just to turn it on?
  3. Will it make my life easier?
  4. Is it from a company I trust?
  5. What do the reviews say?
  6. Can I order it online, or do I need to try it out first?

My 3 favorite kitchen tools

I have acquired a few gizmo/gadgets in the last year that I would like to share about from a rheumatoid arthritis/fibromyalgia/Sjogren’s/back surgery viewpoint. My number one consideration is how can I spend less time on my feet? This is especially important in the kitchen.

An AirFryer

Do you have an AirFryer? I love mine! It is great for baked potatoes, tater tots, chicken nuggets, chicken, bacon, small pizzas, and reheating leftovers. It is not heavy and cleans up very easily.

Instant Pot

What about an Instant Pot? I read an article on November 15, 2020, from a non-RA person. She stated that it did not really save time, because of warm-up and cool-down time. As an RA person, I love my Instant Pot. What the Instant Pot does for me is allow me to sit while it does its thing. There is no “tending the pot”.

I can make an easy creamy chicken soup in 40 minutes that tastes like it simmered all day, and my time on my feet is about 10 minutes. Just a warning: if you want to add evaporated milk to the soup, add it after you release the pressure from cooking and remove the lid. Otherwise, it will curdle.

I purchased the egg racks, and I can hard-cook 14 eggs with no tending: 5 minutes cook time, 5 minutes natural release, and 5 minutes in ice-cold water. They peel much easier also. I am super excited about cooking potatoes in the Instant Pot. No more draining the water after boiling!! This has always been the worst and heaviest part for me. Chicken meal prep is super easy. Just add 1 cup of broth and place your seasoned chicken on the racks. Simple and no tending.

Versatile glasses holder

Another new gizmo for me is my reading glasses holder. It is a magnetic pin with a holder that you attach to your shirt or blouse. For those of us with brain fog, this is a win-win! No more lost glasses. There are so many different types, plain and with bling. Mine has different snap-in pieces to coordinate with my clothing. (Calling all girly-girls out there!)

Meal delivery for when fatigue impacts cooking

Speaking of brain fog, fatigue is also a big issue for many of us. I recently added up costs for my takeout food and realized something had to give. After some research, I chose to have meals delivered to my home 12 days out of each month. I found a company that shipped fresh meals with no artificial flavors, dyes, or additives. I am getting quality nutrition at a less expensive price.

I always have grippers for jars and bottles, but I am beginning to realize that I need something better. I am researching options and would love to know your suggestions. Please respond and let us know what helps you.

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