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Neck Issues
After living with RA for more than 35 years, a person shares a new experience with neck pain. They wonder what it means and how others in the RA community handle neck issues.

Weak Hands and Self Injection Issues
A community member seeks tips from others about performing self-injections with hands that have trouble gripping and feel weak. Click for perspectives on how to make self-jections easier with weak hands.

Knee Surgery
After tearing the minicus in her knee, an RA community member notices a progression of RA damage revealed during a subsequent MRI. She seeks experiences of others who have had knee surgery.

Earliest Symptoms Vs Diagnosis
A community member says, "I think I’ve been experiencing increased fatigue for at least 10 years but trying hard to deny/ignore it. But was that due to RA or a multitude of other things?"

Is Talking About Having RA with Others Difficult?
Sometimes, well-intentioned people who don't have RA just don't understand. Our RA community shares their experiences discussing rheumatoid arthritis.

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