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Popular Forum Topics - October 2021

Last updated: November 2021

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5 fantastic forum discussions

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Has RA Forced Early Retirement or a Career Change?
Navigating a career while managing RA can be difficult. Others share how they handle career challenges caused by RA - including suggestions if RA causes early retirement.

Trying to Find a New Way to Live with RA
A woman recently diagnosed with RA shares her mental health struggles. As a mother of two, she secured a new job but RA pain only allowed her to work for one day before it was too much to continue. She asks community members how they manage depression and anxiety caused by the drastic change from their pre-RA life.

What Tips Would You Give a Friend Living with RA?
Everyone handles RA a little differently. The RA community pulls together their insights to build a collaborative list of RA management tips that offer anyone living with RA ideas for an easier life.

Rest vs Activity
A community member experiencing joint stiffness and pain seeks perspectives from others on how they manage movement and activity painful episodes. She asks "from everyone’s personal experience, is it possible to push through on the tougher days or does that set you back considerably? Also, when not in a flare, how is your activity level? Can you get away with pushing in between flares?"

Why Is It So Difficult to Get an Appointment with a Rheumatologist?
Between their symptoms and blood work, all signs point to RA for a community member. The problem? They're unable to secure an appointment with a rheumatologist until December, delaying an official diagnosis. Other community members share their experience with managing RA in between rheumatologist appointments.

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