Whats the difference between a flare up and daily symptoms?

For the last 2 months I have been in chronic pain, but not as intense as when I was first diagnosed. It is milder but is all over my body. Is this just a very long flare up, or is it due to working manual labor each day?
My first symptoms were swollen feet and ankles that left me with intense pain and the inability to walk. My Dr. says my RA is under control, but it is my work that is the problem. The last 2 months have been daily, body wide pain. It is not intense pain, but each day feels like I played a football game the night before. Rest will help, but after a little bit of work, I am back to where I started.

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  1. Richard Faust moderator says:

    Hi Mike. Everyone’s RA is different, but if you have concerns that your RA is not well controlled you are always entitled to a second opinion. There is little doubt that exertion can make a difference in how those with RA feel. In this article one of our contributors writes about the cost of exertion: https://rheumatoidarthritis.net/living/the-costs-of-exertion/. On the issue of control, one of our other contributors wrote about a doctor who would not let him settle for having the occasional flare: https://rheumatoidarthritis.net/living/the-good-doctor/. Hope this information is helpful and that over time, in consultation with your medical team, you can determine if you can continue in your current job. Best, Richard (RheumatoidArthritis.net Team)

  2. Sneed says:

    In my experience whenever I do something involving exertion I’m going to pay for it with increased stiffness & pain in whatever muscles or joints I used. I can see that would be extremely difficult for someone doing daily manual labor. Maybe if your doc can identify a better treatment drug you’d be ok but maybe not. Living with RA ain’t for the weak.

  3. KerryW says:

    This is just part of Rheumatoid Disease. I have the daily all over body pain with the terrible fatigue that always hits me around 2:00 every day. Rest is a must, without it you will surely pay the price. When I flare, I usually can’t get out of bed. RD is a systemic disease that affects the whole body, it’s rough. I hope you start feeling better soon. REST UP, your body needs it with this disease.

  4. CherryLouise says:

    I have terrible pain 24/7. Cry myself to sleep a lot at night. Seems to get worse around 5pm. See a RA Doctor as soon as I can get appointment. Hurt for about ten years diagnosed seven years ago. Glad to be a member and have someone to talk to.

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