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Is anyone using natural remedies only?

Does anyone have RA and are not on meds, that are trying to handle with natural remedies?

Community Answers
  • Richard Faust moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi DEBMAR. The decision on what course of treatment to pursue is truly a personal one. You asked about alternative or natural therapies, so thought you might be interested in this article from our editorial team on alternative therapies, with links to more specifics:

    Also thought you might be interested in what some of our contributors have to say about treatment decisions. In this article one of our contributors who has had RA most of her life writes about some of her experiences and developing a comprehensive plan:

    In this article one of our other contributors writes about the decision making process in what he refers to as the risk to risk ratio:

    Hope this information is helpful and please know you are always welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

  • Mike Long
    1 year ago

    I did gluten free, sugar free, anti inflammatory foods, tumeric on everything. All worked at first, I felt great and each time considered stopping my meds, but were not long term solutions. I am worse now than ever.

  • Marny
    1 year ago

    Hi, I’m trying to find natural remedies as well. I was only diagnosed 2 months ago. Massage and anti inflammatory foods have helped so far. I can’t take any aleve, ibuprofen, naproxen, either for other health reason. I’d be interested in what you find out

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