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Baker's Cyst (Part Two)

Back in January in a post titled "RA Grab Bag Goodies" I related my experience with a Baker's cyst in my right knee that had ruptured and put me on crutches for several days. After about six weeks of nagging pain I went back to the Orthopedist and he injected it.


I got some relief for a while, but the pain and swelling has returned and a couple of days ago my knee started popping at just about every step. It's not overly painful but is certainly bothersome.

This or That

How bothersome is popping joints to you?

What's next

I have an appointment for next week with the orthopedist for another injection. My routine appointment with my rheumatologist is the following day. We will see how this turns out. As I stated in my other post, we never know what is hiding in RA's grab bag of goodies.

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