I consulted with my rheumatologist about taking CBD and she was AGREEABLE!!!

Removing tumeric

I went off of Tumeric oral shots to not confuse whether one worked over the other. And I found out Turmeric DOES help.

I took various kinds of Turmeric that did nothing, but the Vive Turmeric Shots with ginger are da bomb, lol. I get nothing for saying so, so this is an honest appraisal. I'd given up on turmeric because my body did not absorb the capsules.

These liquid shots are quite ...strong,flavor-wise. Peppery. But they knock the inflammation down, I guess, by BEING hot and spicy. It was a journey experimenting like this.

My CBD experience

I found CBD gummies with a touch of THC. I must say: they are potent.

I do not take a whole gummy. I do not take half. I sliced that nickel-sized gummie up and halved

It helps considerably with relaxation. What else they do is undetermined because I just got them yesterday.

This rheumatoid journey is rough--but don't lose your spirit. Fight.

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