RA, Grief and Simponi

As you know from my previous stories, I have been on Simponi since October 28th. I have had cortisone injections in November, plus a hip procedure done in January.

Managing physical and mental pain

After all these things I felt like the Simponi was finally starting to work. I still had pain but it was reduced to how it had been.

I had been getting a covid-19 test weekly since the beginning of January as my mother, who lived in a long-term care facility ended up in the hospital not well. They were able to stabilize her, but we all knew she was failing fast. I had not seen her in person for a year.

I never got to see her as she passed away early morning on February 4th, 2021.

Juggling RA pain and grief

This hit me very hard, we had a special bond. We had lived together with me looking after her, plus working full time, until I got extremely sick in July 2017.

I was not sleeping much, crying lots, the whole grief process. My RA flared, and I could hardly make it up the stairs and was shuffling to walk. As there is a stairlift on the main stairs, my daughter moved me upstairs so I could use the lift. I also spoke with my family doctor and he gave me a mild RX to help me go to sleep. I also increased my prednisone back up to the .5mg that was reduced in January. So far this has not helped. I haven't heard back from my Rheumatologist, (I sent them an email) so I am debating if I should increase my prednisone.

I do not want to be on these extra meds as they can be addictive. I took them for a week, was moving better and sleeping a lot better so I am able to manage my grief. Last night was the 3rd night not taking them. I did a lot of praying and crying last night. Also, I had extreme pain in my right knee, hip, ankle, foot, plus my shoulders, arms, hands. I took Tylenol and was finally able to fall into a restless sleep. Today both knees are hot and I am hurting a lot.

RA treatment is not a straight line

My next appointment is May 4th. I will have to see how things continue as to whether I increase my prednisone or take Celebrex again, which I still have on hand.

Well, that has been and is continuing my saga. I sure hope things will even out and get some stability in my life.

Thank you, Prays and Blessings


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