Last updated: March 2023

I had spine surgery this past November. It was a 4 level fusion with rods and cages. They also put in a bone growth stimulator.

I had to stop taking my RA meds including my anti-inflammatory meds 2 weeks before surgery.

Post spine surgery RA medication

At my 3-month post-op appointment, they told me I could take my Xeljanz and methotrexate.

Then the doctor told me I needed to wait another 3 months without my anti-inflammatory meds. I was speechless!

The hope I had for how I would feel after surgery has been crushed. The surgery was a miracle! The horrible pain that I went into the hospital with is gone! I can walk now.

Joint and hip pain

Well, almost. Every joint in my body is screaming!! Especially my right hip.

Who knew how much my anti-inflammatory helped my everyday living until you can't take it for 6 months?

I'm trying turmeric with pepper.

Has anyone else gone through this?

This entire event has been so emotionally and physically exhausting.



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