A Short Update

Hi all, so if you read my previous update, you know of my "Hypogammaglobulinemia" diagnosis from my rheumatologist, back in January.

He has decided to start me on gamma globulin infusions. I am to be trained to do this/these infusions at home.

What does my infusion management look like for RA?

When I read about the infusion process, then received 3 good-sized boxes of supplies, I was very overwhelmed with this process.

I then had a call from an RN at the blood bank from the large hospital near me, to arrange for me to pick up the medicine. She helped me defuse some of my anxiety.

Then I had a call from the home visiting RN who is coming to train me and give me the first infusion process.

I can have her here up to 5 times if needed. She was able to help me also.

Informing family about my care

Now, on March 13th, I will have my first training and infusion with the RN. I am somewhat anxious as my daughters seemed to not want to know about this, so I haven't told them about these infusions.

I know I will have to let my daughter, with whom I live, know about it. And if she is home I will let the RN give her information on this.

That's my short, not so short, news about me and my venting.

Blessings and Prays,


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