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Methotrexate Journey

I was on Leflunomide and was having breakthrough pain, some mood issues; nothing major. At the time, however, I believed these hindrances to me very significant. So the rheumatologist put me on methotrexate.

My experiences with methotrexate

Methotrexate started working to relieve my pain. I'd found my go-to drug for RA. Then, the rheumatologist suggested I start injections. Ok. I'll do it. This triggered unbearable side effects which included ringing ears, stomach discomfort, headaches...

I had planned yesterday, to continue the tablet methotrexate that I went back to but decided to reach waaay back and rejoin the Leflunomide regimen. 20mg once a day. I take Pepcid for the slight indigestion Leflunomide causes.

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So, January 4th, I went back on Leflunomide. Methotrexate, with its toxicity and unbearable nausea; ringing ears and headaches? Good riddance!!!

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I hope I can save one person from even trying methotrexate. It is the pits!!!

I STILL experienced pain right along with the icky side effects; so no trophy for anything!!!

Exploring other avenues to treat RA symptoms

Cloudy days; I've noticed a dramatic increase in symptoms. Oddly enough; when I am unaware of the lack of a sunny day? I'm fine.

Seasonal affective disorder lamp

But, if I pull the curtain back and it's cloudy, my hurts start. With that revelation, I recently purchased a SAD LIGHT. I found it on eBay at a terrific deal!!!

There are several videos on YouTube about pain and the lack of sun. An hour of this bright light on a cloudy day first thing in the morning is recommended. I plan to use mine to jump start my day!!!


Yep. I have discovered many new things about myself on this RA JOURNEY. One thing is that I've always been an achy person, so now I've got a diagnosis.

The second thing I've discovered is that you've got to try new things and not be afraid to retry old things, too.

I'm stocked up with CBD/3%THC GUMMIES, and; I'm off to the post office today to pick up my order of RHUS TOX HOMEOPATHIC TABS. I've also researched TISSUE SALTS and discovered that TISSUE SALT #4 helps with inflammation.

What works for me

My days of trying one thing at a time is over. These days I try a myriad of salts, lights, baths, etc.; all in the attempt of living my best life.

I'm allergic to copper, so my copper wearing days are over. I used to wear it without any adverse reactions; but that changed.

Rolling with the flow is key and essential to surviving life in general. And we RA folks do that splendidly. Flares are simply AWFUL!!!

When I flare? I hate the world, yes. But, good days lie just ahead if you can muster the strength to crawl towards them. Have a FLARE PLAN ready especially when you feel great!!!

Be prepared! ❤️

See ya later!!!

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