New to The Group but Struggling

I’m almost 49, diagnosed with a few different autoimmune diseases but RA is by far the dominant one.

RA diagnosis journey

I started having symptoms at 40, but they could not find what was wrong. Years later they discovered I am a seronegative patient.

I have tried a ton of different kinds of drugs and found the best I could so far. I’m on Orencia infusions, Imuran,hydroxychloroquine, prednisone, Cymbalta, muscle relaxers, Norco, vitamin D supplements, vitamin B shot monthly, and Gabapentin.

Managing RA fall

I also fell down the stairs last August and I just had my 4th cortisone epidural last week for bulging disks.

I had to give up my good job a year ago which was really hard.

I want to work again but I’m sure my body cannot make it out of the house as I need to sit or lay throughout the day.

Thinking about working from home and I would love to know if any of you do work from home and how you all handle your pain. I’m looking for other ways to take the pain away.

Right now, I have intense nerve pain because of my back on top of the RA pain. It’s really rough!!!

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