Which Doctor to Contact?

I have RA and hives lately. I have had more racing heart and skip beats.

Medication management

I went to primary to let him know this and I have had to take extra heart medication which is prescribed.

I thought it was due to having RA and hives. I am on two thyroid meds, one synthroid and the other is a small dose of Cytomel, T3 and T4. The body takes one to convert to another.

I always believed I have had a hard time with meds since I have slow digestion. I was told it was twice as slow as normal.

I do have a wheat allergy so I conclude it might be a result of that.

I have also had overheating. But it wasn't until my upper thighs were so stiff that I realized that this is more like too many meds for thyroid, which has not been checked all these months.

Multiple conditions and RA


I called my specialist for thyroid and no return call. I called my primary that leaves my care for the thyroid to a specialist. I am in danger and just want my TSH done to know where I am.

I can skip a pill but that would make my TSH test not clear where I am on meds. I don't want to take too much thyroid meds if this is what is giving me a heart that is being pushed. Saying a little prayer for myself.

It was so hard to even get up and try to advocate for myself.

I am aware I can go to emergency but it seems so unnecessary. I just want a TSH test. Sorry for going on.

Caregivers need care too

My father was paralyzed from Iwo Jima and my mother had a brain tumor than dementia. I have been a caregiver since a child to take my dad's braces off and bring him coffee and almost twenty years for my mom.

I loved them and they loved me and no problem doing this because they gave so much to me.

I have my firm faith and I pray. I just needed to vent and I also pray this helps someone not to think it is one of the autoimmune conditions and it might be another.

This was just frustrating because I wish my primary would at least have thought it might be my thyroid.

Love, elirose

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