Codeine and Nada

Last updated: January 2023

I have been using Tramadol for years.

Rheumatologist difficulties

My RA doc asked me to see a pain doc. I actually don’t understand this.

You are an RA doc and pain is the major symptom of RA and y’all don’t fully address it ... ok.

Did Tylenol address my RA pain?

I saw a pain doc. He prescribed Tylenol 3 - one every six or eight hours, as needed.

I tried it - nada. Had a crushing flare. Took two T3s … ZIPPO … lost most of Saturday and Sunday due to major flares.

Sunday night went back to 100mg of Tramadol…Monday morning, 100mg Tramadol and 10mg prednisone- wow, feeling great!

But prednisone … went into a friend’s office.

“Are you ok?”

My face was so red, he was concerned. The skin on finger joints is best red.

Eating like a horse.

But I feel good.

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