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Diet & Nutrition

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet

  • By sboycex

    Diagnosed in Oct 2017, not had much luck with medication. I read on the internet that apparently a dairy free and gluten free diet can help with the symptoms of RA. I was just wondering if anyone has tried the dairy and gluten free diet and if so, did you see any improvements? Is it worth trying?

  • By davmo

    Yes, I reversed my RA, but it’s not quite that simple. Search AIP (Auto Immune Protocol). I’ve found to be the best source for complete information.

    • By teacherladymostiller

      Thanks for the information. I am 45 years and am eat up with RA. my left foot hurts so bad I can barely walk. Currently on a new medication but definitely need to improve my diet.

  • By momwithra

    I have been medication free for 4+ years. Like previous comment it is more complicated than just dairy and gluten, but those are definitely on the never list. I’ve recently started a blog and you might find this post interesting. Feel free to reach out!

    Leaky Gut and Why You CAN NOT Cheat

    • By vickycatap

      How did you achieve to be medications free?

  • By naturemeg

    I also have a gluten and dairy free diet and also sugar free. I found sugar brings on instant inflammation. I stared with a food diary and logged pain levels each day. After a few days I saw a pattern emerge and cut out different foods. I don’t take meds either and my rheumatologist says I am in remission. Hard slog but worth the effort

  • By Liviu

    without dairy, gluten, sugar, tobacco, coffee, alcohol ….:((

  • By Franki King Moderator

    I believe diet has a lot to do with my RA. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what foods trigger a flare but I definitely feel better when I eat less gluten and sugar. I’ve also completely cut out meat and dairy. I think no matter what it’s worth trying!

    Franki ( Team)