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Lets Talk Carpal Tunnel!…

  • By Dakota

    I see… For a while I notice that my fingers movement will take a while to open/close until I’ve to straighten them out. Am sure is a nerve problem.

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  • By Cassandra Bird

    I’ve had carpal tunnel since I was pregnant 19 years ago.4 years ago I had the surgery on my right hand. Since then I’ve had a botched cholecystechtomy and been diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroidism, then RA then fibro and lung disease. So far I’ve not been well enough to have the left hand surgery and it seems pointless now as my right hand rapidly became crippled with the RA after surgery anyway. Can barely use my hands. Some days I couldn’t even type this x

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  • By LynnRNRE

    I had Carpel Tunnel surgery 4 years ago in my right hand with great success, but need to have my left hand done. Unfortunately I need both my hands for my job I can’t afford to take the time off, as I’m self-employed. For now I’m just “waiting”.

    I’d say I started with Carpel Tunnel pain and numbness in both hands beginning at age 35. That’s a guess. It seems I’ve had so many nuisance symptoms that it’s difficult to track which ones began when.

    I wear braces on both hands at night to prevent flexing wrists.

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  • By GingerS

    One of my first symptoms was I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. My Dr assured me that surgery was not done as often as it used to be. As a result I have worn a brace for over a year now. Later I learned that carpal tunnel is a symptom of RA. Along with this, I have ulnar deviation of both hands. It does take alot to even type. Writing is uncomfortable and hard to do. I have braces now for both hands. One set for when I am awake, one set for when I am sleeping.

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  • By Mariah Z. Leach Moderator

    Hi GingerS~

    Have you ever tried a dictation program? If typing is particularly difficult for you it might be worth looking into!

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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  • By Sneed

    I’ve had CT surgery on both wrists, one open and one by a scope. The open surgery done on the wrist where the damage was severe and the scoped surgery on the wrist where it was “just” serious. Both worked out well although it took the nerves four months to regenerate in the hand where the damage had been severe. That was about three years ago and no complaints since then. The surgery did nothing for the other RA hand issues but it did resolve the carpal tunnel ones completely – for now.

    For those who may be considering surgery the open surgery takes much longer to heal but the result was a bit better than the other hand. The scope surgery heals in about a week but is not quite as thorough.

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