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Looking Comfortable Shoes for Arthritis Patient

  • By Micheal

    My father has arthritis problem and have some foot issues, Doctor recommended him to comfortable shoes/slippers from now on. I am looking some good store to find some good shoes that will fit him and will not create pain in bones, I wish you guys can help me??

    I want some decent and comfortable shoes that he can wear without any harm and can walk outside easily.

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  • By Richard Faust Moderator

    Hi Michael. So glad to see that you are trying to help your father. Shoes and feet are a common issue for many in the community. In this video one of our contributors offers ideas for clothing and shoes for RA: If you look at the comments section on this piece on favorite shoes, you will see some ideas from the community: Hopefully some community members will chime in here with some thoughts. Wishing you and your father the best. Richard ( Team)

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