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    Lauren Tucker

    What do you do to manage your RA pain and what can you share with others?

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    Lauren Tucker

    Wanted to share this aticle on managing RA Pain:

    Do you have any additions?

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      Hi, my name is Roxy & I’m new to this site. I was diagnosed 20+
      years ago with RA and have been on numerous medications. Currently
      I am on sulfasalizine, Motrin, and take prednisone & Percocet for flare ups. I also have fibromyalgia. With the new pain medication regulations in California, my doctor said I have to now see a pain management MD
      I saw one yesterday. He seems knowledgeable & nice, BUT I felt like I was a number and not a patient. I gave him 30+ pages of health, medications, stays, MRI’s and lab tests. He hurried through a blanket statement of how dangerous narcotics are but stated I do not have an addiction problem as I take the narcotics only when I have pain, which is not daily or even weekly & he said I use a very low amount BUT, basically said that I need to be on suboxone, not percocet, and I have heard such bad things about suboxone I am so scared to take it. I feel like if the program I’ve been on for 20 yrs works why risk having the horrible side effects that this suboxone has, once you start it & even worse, you can’t just stop it like I can Percocet? I’m scared. Does anyone have a doctor that treats you, and not the system he is forced to believe in? Please help in California, Thank you

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    Here’s my list of simple swaps to make daily life easier.
    – ordering groceries online to be delivered
    – getting my hair washed/styled when having joint pain
    – asking a family member to assist with daily chores
    – establish “quiet hours” to reflect and recharge
    – use voice memo on iPhone to journal thoughts/feelings
    – check in with rheumatologist
    – a warm bath or shower to loosen joints

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      Awesome tips, trebleinthekchn! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! -Casey, Team

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    Katie Powell

    So my rheumatologist says my rd is under control yet I still have so much pain and stiffness. Is that usual?

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      Richard Faust

      Sorry to hear you are still experiencing pain and stiffness Katie. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. Control can mean different things for different people. Your doctor may be referring to test result numbers. In addition, damage already done can continue to create pain and stiffness, even if no additional damage is being done. Remember that if you feel your RA is not controlled, you are always entitled to a second opinion. No one will look out for you like you. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

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      Katie, you have collateral damage from the RA. and under control does not mean the damage goes away. I use a mild time release nsaid like Celebrex to keep me going Also find a compounding pharmacist and have them make up a topical pain reliever which is Diclofenac 5% Lipoderm for hands fingers toes elbows tendons that can be gotten to. I have compounds made in 3, 5 and 10 percent. and use a higher dose when needed this compounded product is a stronger Voltaren and requires a prescription

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    Hello it would be really good to hear some advice and talk to people who understand how it feels. I had recently been diagnosed with RA. I was on hydroxychlorquine but been recommended to be on Methotrexate. I had pain in my feet everyday with the mornings being the worse. but when I am wearing orthofeet’s shoes, at that time I dont have pain in my feet.

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    Richard Faust

    Hi akshayv. Glad you have found something that is helping your feet. You mention that your doctor has recommended methotrexate. This article from our editorial team takes a look at methotrexate, with info on how it works and side effects: Also, thought you might be interested in this recent article from one of our contributors on how methotrexate may be under utilized as an RA treatment: Hope this information is useful. Keep us posted on your decision and how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

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    Myself I have bad feet with RA … Personally I wear original style Crocs 98% of the time… Not cheap imitations which are as hard as nails, but the real thing.

    They may not be the height of sartorial elegance nor fashion chic….. but they are comfortable I find.

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    Besides the triple therapy and biologics I use copper hands gloves throughout the day. When the pain gets really bad I use wrist splints. For ankles and feet I also have copper infused compression socks and ankle splints. Braces for knees and tennis elbow straps really help my elbows. Heating pads, warm running water and just standing under a hot shower for 10-15 minutes.

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    Paraffin wax dips for hands and feet.

    Epson salt baths with 4-5 cups of salt.

    Golden milk with saffron, pepper, turmeric, honey and cardamom (drinking this was the first time I was pain free in years)

    Tibetan/Ayuvedic diet for RA

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    There is an old scientific research study on Paraffin therapy that shows it can successfully
    decrease the Rheumatoid factors.

    There is a similar modality in India where they do a light pounding of all the joints with a hot dry herbal fomentation.

    A modern modality that can work on all the joints would be great.

    The paraffin is difficult to impossible to apply to the major joints or neck…

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    Really to answer your question… my rheumy did ok (moved and waiting for a new one). I chose to do Tibetan diet and herbs under a Tibetan doctor in Boulder. And have her supervise the progress. So she agreed. I did it for 6 months and then we checked labs again. All my lab tests were normal with no more disease markers (and have been for 5 years on Tibetan program with Ayuvedic supplementation) except for 2 vitamin deficiencies, one due to the diet. (both are corrected now with supplements). In Ayuvedic&TIbetan medicine this disease is curable if caught early with diet and herbs but if damage has been done to the joints it is not reversible.

    Allopathic drs imo are much more attached to their system and knowledge… and in a McDonalds like treatment system of handing out drugs like candy on halloween, esp. with the elderly… frustrating but like all things it will change eventually.

    I hope you have better days, and as one of my fav doctors in India always said ‘take rest’.

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