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Tendons, muscles and arthritis

  • By mamadee

    Are you more likely to suffer tendon injury, muscle strains, etc. with arthritis? Is osteo or rheumatoid more likely to cause issues with other connective tissue stuff like that?

    I used to be very active. Working out 6 days a week, lifting weights (pretty heavy weights, too), cardio kickboxing, running. You name it. I lugged around heavy band equipment like the big guys, no problem.

    In the last year since all this joint pain and weirdness has ramped up,I am scared to do anything. I feel so frail now. Anything I do seems to cause an issue. Any little thing will set off a lower back or neck strain, etc. I lifted a couple of boxes today (not heavy, used good form) and my back is jacked up. I carried some Walmart bags and now the elbow joints and tendons in that arm hurt again. I already have hip bursitis, so I have to be careful with that, too.

    Still don’t know what I have, arthritis wise, for sure. And this is a fairly new thing for me……trying to figure out what it all means.

  • By Richard Faust Moderator

    Hi mamadee. Unfortunately, RA can absolutely affect connective tissues. This article from one of our contributors examines, in detail, how RA attacks the connective tissues: Also, general joint stiffness and pain are two of the most common RA symptoms. This article offers more information: Hopefully, your doctor will be providing you some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)