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General Discussion


  • By katel

    I have been experiencing more bouts of Veritgo lately, and wondering how many others may have Vertigo? I read there may be a link between RA and Vertigo. My first attack was 3 days of vomiting and not being able to even open my eyes. As I have more, the severity is less but they last much longer – my current one is going on for a week now. I constantly feel as if I have just gotten off the Merry-Go-Round or Tilt-A-Whirl after too long of a ride. Head movement and car travel makes it worse. I take meclazine 3 times a day and it doesn’t seem to help.

  • By pearson0501

    Have you been checked for Sjogrens syndrome?

  • By stevieboy

    I have sjogens syndrome as well feel very low most of time as have very bad. Pain in spine have protruding disc

  • By hurricane06

    Yes I have vertigo . Any time I bend down I can wait.. when I stand up I inevitably have to hold on to something I’m so dizzy!! Had no idea it could be attributed to RA

  • By dbell

    I have had vertigo since 2/2019. I have been told it could be possibly from RA. In Feb. the RA began to attack my eyes and i was having a lot of inflammation in both eyes and then the vertigo started. I am currently on Orencia, prednisone and Imuran. My imuran has been increase to 150mg daily (previously 50mg daily) and I was not previously on prednisone. Has anyone else had these symptoms?