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I wear an ankh – it’s the symbol of life (and female) and looking through the tiny hole in the handle gives me a different perspective of things.

Otherwise, like you, I don’t like the not knowing what the future will bring. I awaken with the question of “will this be the day…” and then end that sentence with thoughts like “my hands no longer…

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@mysengupta I know this all to well. At least in NY, doctors HAVE to give you a payment plan, so that helps. Also, I make deals with all the hospitals so that I just pay them like 20 bucks a month. Of course I will be paying until I am 172 years old, but at least I don’t go broke trying to get it all paid at once. It’s a real issue, though, and…

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@c7mv96 One of the most important things you mentioned, I think, is that we can’t compare ourselves to others. We have to compare our days to other days WE’VE had because RA is such a unique and individual illness. Great stuff. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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@ipage1 Glad to hear you’ve found some relief, but I can more or less guarantee that your story is shared by at least a few others with RA. The disease is so unique and individual that it affects everyone differently, plus you are still on medication. It’s great that they were able to knock it down, and here’s hoping it stays that way! Either way,…

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Have you had your b12 checked. If you have been taking folic acid because of mtx, it may be affecting b12. My lab test showed very high folic acid, and very low in range b 12. I was feeling off balance and very fatigued.

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My RA Experience seems unique – and I’m wondering why no one else has had a similar journey . From diagnosis to remission was 3 months , and I’ve been in problem free remission for 18 months. I’m fitter than I’ve been for years, and feel so lucky. I’ve remained seronegative. My flair was brutal – wrists , hands , feet , knees – all agonising…

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Hi Nan, we moved close to 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with PMR, and RA, and advised that I needed both hips replaced. When Christmas came around, we put a few decorations outside, and poinsettia in living room, dining and kitchen. My health was more important than trying to maintain a tradition. We also have grown children, and we went to their homes.

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I get ya! I will only be home Dec 11-17. I just couldn’t get the gumption to climb under the stairs and pull the boxes out. I went out and bought 2 small pre-lit trees one for inside, one for outside. I put some red berries from the craft store on the indoor one and called it good! I’m going to move it into a window in the front of the house so…

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I have been receiving Remicade infusions every 8 weeks since 2002. I also take methotrexate weekly. Several months ago I started experiencing severe gait and balance issues which require me to use a cane. My Neurologist has done tests and my Rheumatologist cannot find the reason I am having so much difficulty walking. Has anyone else experienced…

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Thank you so much for sharing! I was a Zumba fitness instructor prior to being diagnosed with RA in June 2018 and I am STILL a Zumba fitness instructor now. Of course, I have cut back some and can’t quite move like I used to. But I’d like to think of myself as a success story that can inspire others. Sure, there have been many days I’ve had to…