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Hi, all,
I do not have a confirmed diagnosis yet, but my RF level is slightly elevated (3x) and I do have pain in my arms and elbows, not a joint pain but more like a fibromyalgia. I was prescribed with meloxicam, but haven’t started the medication yet.
So, I tried to go gluten-free for a past month. I ate some processed food that might contain…

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So sorry to hear about the pain you’re in, @tdug35fd. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through with medication transitions and allergic reactions. I can hear your fear and hesitation about your future with your current treatment plan. Have you spoken to your doctor about this yet? If not, I encourage you to do so, so that he or she is aware of any…

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Hi merielise! Thanks from your question. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope our site can be a resource and a form of support to you as you learn more about your new condition. Yes, muscle pain can happen as a result of RA. I thought you’d like to read more into this subject here:…

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Thank you for sharing your story and reaching out for help on what you are now having to go through. As you noted in the title of your story, Early Days, these are your early days of RA.
Take notice of what your body is telling you, don’t let anyone feel sorry for you, make the best of your Rheumatologist visits and never stop fighting n…