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I have only been on MTX for 3 weeks now. 2 weeks @ 5 mg & this last week @ 7.5mg. These are pills. I am taking my Folic acid daily. This past weeks dose was the first time I had to take Zofran for nausea but I only had to take 1 4mg dose. Here’s the thing…. for 2 weeks now, I’ve been getting symptoms that my stomach lining is being affected. I…

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Not to well. I’ve been in pain before to the point were i can’t walk or move my arms. I have never gone to the ER cuz i didn’t know if there was anything they could do for the stiffness and pain. I really feel like going today. My neck,shoulders and arms are hurting me so bad. Nothing is helping😒

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Thank you Tamara (and jkmast1!) not only for your helpful information, but for validating the way I frequently walk (i.e. one step/stair at a time). However, after reading your article & comment, I will work to be more aware of how I am walking and keeping my body in alignment. I’ve always done that when sitting and generally have good posture,…

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That was wonderful information to share, Thank you!! I’ve purchased several pillows in my iquest for comfort, some expensive and some not so expensive and have yet to find that perfect one. Of course, my husband thinks I have some kind of pillow fetish, because he just doesn’t get it. His opinion (as an example of his not getting it) is, “if…

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I am right there with you having made the difficult decision a few years ago to quit working full time and, more recently, to cut back on some of my advocacy activities. What I’ve realized is that the ability to do that is a privilege. So many people can’t quit work, can’t not take care of their kids, can’t outsource chores. RA and other chronic…

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I was finally diagnosed with R.A. two years ago but have probably had it for decades,, as well as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Chronic fatigue, and am now pre diabetic all that to say,, 10 years ago I started and run my own preschool/primary age soccer program and ran it through the local community education,, it was, (is) my…

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I am so glad you appreciated my article. I admire that you found teaching as your profession. While I was employed by two school districts, I am not a teacher. As an administrator I was committed to alternative education and this board position was ideal for my interests. I bet I find my way back to this or a similar board in the future.

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HELP! I have been taking Humira now for a little over 2 months. I inject it every other week and just started breaking out in hives. I also started using a hemp oil I purchased online. I have only used it twice so far. I’m not sure if the hives are from Humira or the hemp oil. Has anyone dealt with hives after starting Humira?

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I’m so sorry!! You should try a new dr because it sounds like hes not taking care of you!! I have RA and I’m pretty sure if you have it, then its all over your body so idk why he said you dont have it in your feet….especially since you were in so much pain! Hope you feel better!

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Oh my word I am so glad I read this blog and all the comments!!! This happens to me about once a month. I’ve stopped even bringing it up with the doctor.! When it comes all I can do is sleep. Sometimes for 48 hours o my waking periodically and I drink something and go back to sleep. When I’m sleeping I sweat A LOT! It’s also kind of a stran…

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I awake & look around to see if I was able to sleep in the bed all night – if I was a do a few stretches & gently roll out of the bed grabbing my night stand to allow me to straighten up. Then I stagger to my recliner to spend the next hour. That is when I take something for pain & begin my daily argument with myself! “No, there is no way you a…