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Has a car accident brought on your diagnosis?

Has anyone else, been in a bad accident and then had R.A. onset soon afterwards?

I was sitting at a red light one day. Someone else didn't really care about others, she flew across 3 lanes of traffic, rammed into the back of me, and then I was pushed forward into a large truck. I was pretty much fun b/f that day. After the accident, I've never felt well. I was diagnosed with R.A. about a year after this accident. I was told, it is "possible" that the accident brought on "onset" R.A. In other words, it was lying dormant and the accident onset the disease in my body. I don't know if it's true, but what I do know to be a truth, is the fact that I have not felt "well" since that day. So I'm left wondering if this is possible? Thanks.

  1. Thanks for writing lanikai13, but sorry to hear about the accident and diagnosis. What exactly triggers RA continues to be a mystery. There are certainly some theories along the lines of what you mention - that a person has a predisposition to RA and then some intervening event triggers onset. This article from our editorial team looks at some potential causes and risk factors: I should note that stressors are not discussed, but some research also points in that direction. Know that you are always welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. yeah, my father was suffered from such trauma & accident & one year later he has diagnosed with RA.
      the accident was not big, but the trauma was big.. he was very healthy person before that...
      the symptoms worsened due to gluten & lactose & after detecting sugar....

      1. even peoples who work in helping in 9/11 & who watched it nearly also suffered with RA, just google it for details....
        as per my knowledge feels insecure, trauma, extreme fear can cause RA.

        1. Yes

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